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Security Installations & Upgrades
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Peace Of MInd

Secure Your Residence or Business with Heavy Duty Security Retrofits

Cheshire Defense is Keene’s newest contracting company, devoted to upgrading the Security of your Home or Office. We are available to retrofit your doors, windows and security systems to the latest technology. Once these products are installed, you’ll have piece of mind that adequate systems are in place to protect your loved ones, or business interests, in the event of an attack or attempted breech.

Added Defense Measures

Walk-In Safes,

Panic Rooms

& Bunkers

Count on Cheshire Defense to install a Safe or Panic Room in your Home or Office. These systems are set-up as your Last Line of Defense, in the event of an emergency situation.

  • Walk-In Safes
  • Panic Rooms
  • Hidden Storage
  • Emergency Shelters
  • Bunkers

Sales & Service

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Other Services & Options

Security Systems

Motion Detection

Automatic Fire & Carbon Monoxide Detection

Automatic Water Shut Off Systems

Generator Installations

Glass Break Prevention

Weapon Systems

DIY Consultation

Our Focus

Hope for the Best,
Plan for the Worst

It might sound cliche, but these are words to live by. If you find yourself in an emergency, you want to be prepared for the worst possible outcome. Adding these systems can give you an extra advantage, in a dire situation.

HD Door Jams

HD Door Jambs are the front-line component of your security system

Shatter-proof Glass

SP-Glass can buy your family minutes, during a window breech

Night Visions cameras

Often the only system that can help identify a fleeting intruder

Weapon Systems

Cheshire Defense can advise & assemble your back-up plan

Form A Plan

We Are Here To Help!

Cheshire Defense strives to be the One-Stop Shop for all your security needs. Should you have any questions, or you need a product installed that is not mentioned here, please reach out to us for advice. We are here to help!

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